Empowering Wellness Through Practice

Welcome to Mahesh Amarasinghe WKO Sri Lanka Branch

We are committed to the pursuit of excellence and the fostering of a disciplined and compassionate spirit. Led by the esteemed Shihan Mahesh Amarasinghe, a Black Belt 4th Dan and the honorary secretary of Sri Lanka Karate Organisation Shinkyokushin, our centre stands as a beacon of strength and learning in the heart of Sri Lanka.

Our Leadership

Under the guidance of Shihan Ajitha Liyanage, Black Belt 4th Dan and the Country Representative and Director of Sri Lanka, we cultivate a space where discipline meets passion, leading to the holistic development of our students.

Our Philosophy

Karate is more than a martial art; it is a path to self-improvement. We teach the way of the warrior, where respect, honour, and perseverance are as important as the physical techniques imparted. Our dojo welcomes students of all ages and backgrounds, providing a nurturing environment that promotes growth both on and off the mat.

Shihan Kenji Midori

Shihan J. B. Sujoto

Shihan P. Muthukumarana

Shihan B. A. Liyanage

Our Legacy

Founded in 2018, we proudly carry the torch as the official Sri Lankan branch of the NPO World Karate Organization Shinkyokushinkai Japan So Honbu. Our lineage is enriched by the wisdom and leadership of Shihan Kengi Midori, Black Belt 8th Dan and the Honorary President in Japan, and Shihan J.B. Sujoto, Black Belt 7th Dan from Indonesia, who oversees our affiliation with WKO Asian.

Our Curriculum

Our comprehensive curriculum ensures that students from all walks of life, whether they are stepping onto the mat for the first time or are seasoned martial artists, have the opportunity to advance and excel. From the crisp white belt of a beginner to the revered black belt, every practitioner at our centre is on a transformative journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Join us at Mahesh Amarasinghe WKO Karate Centre, where every punch, kick, and kiai echoes our dedication to the timeless martial tradition of Shinkyokushin Karate.

Shihan Mahesh Amarasinghe, a practitioner since 2001, has risen through the ranks with unwavering dedication, achieving his 4th Dan Black Belt in January 2024. As the Branch Representative for Japan since 2020 and an International Judge since 2018, his contributions to karate extend beyond our national borders.

With a National Black Belt 5th Dan as of March 2024, Shihan Mahesh’s leadership at our centre is guided by a profound understanding of Shinkyokushin Karate, making him an exemplary figure for students at every level of their martial arts journey.

Our Vision

To create a leading karate center that inspires and cultivates growth in practitioners of all ages and skill levels. We are dedicated to fostering a supportive community where respect, discipline, and determination drive individuals to excel in martial arts and life, promoting well-being and a philosophy of continuous self-improvement.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower individuals through the disciplined practice of Shinkyokushin Karate, as guided by the principles of the World Karate Organization. We strive to provide a robust curriculum that honors tradition while embracing innovation, shaping students into confident practitioners and upstanding members of the global community. By offering instruction from distinguished and experienced karatekas, we aim to instill the virtues of honor, integrity, and perseverance. Our goal is to nurture not only martial artists but also ambassadors of Shinkyokushin, who carry forth the wisdom of our teachings into their daily lives and inspire others on the path of self-mastery.

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