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Experience the Power of Karate and Yoga

Join Shihan Mahesh and our community for transformative martial arts and yoga practice in Sri Lanka.

Our Offerings

Karate Classes

Learn traditional Karate techniques for all ages and levels

Hatha Yoga

Flow through invigorating Hatha sequences to enhance flexibility and mindfulness

Cardio Kickboxing

Engage in high-energy Cardio Kickboxing for a full-body workout and stress relief

Our Vision

To create a leading karate center that inspires and cultivates growth in practitioners of all ages and skill levels. We are dedicated to fostering a supportive community where respect, discipline, and determination drive individuals to excel in martial arts and life, promoting well-being and a philosophy of continuous self-improvement.

අපගේ අභිලාෂය වන්නේ, සියලු වයස් සහ කුසලතා මට්ටම්වල අභ්‍යාසකයන්ට අනුප්‍රාණයක් සහ වර්ධනයක් ලබා දෙන ප්‍රමුඛ කරාටේ මධ්‍යස්ථානයක් සෑදීමයි. ගරුත්වය, විනය සහ අධිෂ්ඨානය යන ප්‍රගුණ තුළින් තනි තනි අය හා ජීවිතය තුළ විශිෂ්ටත්වයට පත්වන අතර, සුවපහසුව සහ නිරන්තර ආත්ම පරිශීලන දර්ශනයක් ප්‍රෝත්සාහනය කරන අපගේ ප්‍රජාව ගොඩනැගීමට අප කැප වෙමු

Established in 2018, our center is led by Shihan Mahesh, a skilled martial artist with decades of experience.


Martial Arts Training

Explore the art of Karate with our expert instructors and dedicated training approach.


Yoga Classes

Flow through dynamic Hatha yoga sessions that enhance your physical and mental well-being.


Community Support

Join a community that fosters growth, respect, and discipline in a supportive environment.

Why Choose Us

Holistic Wellness

Experience holistic wellness through our integrated martial arts and yoga practice.

Skilled & Experienced Instructors

Learn from Shihan Mahesh and our expert instructors with decades of experience in martial arts and yoga.

Supportive Community

Join our community that values respect, discipline, and personal growth in every practice session.

Student Testimonials

Join Us Today

Start your journey towards holistic wellness with Mahesh Dojo. Enroll now to experience the power of martial arts and yoga.

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